Sunday, May 9, 2010

postheadericon Moving beyond disappointment

I was so excited that this weekend would be the opening of my first retail experience.  I was taking over Smash Cake in Chicago and was very excited.  We had been planning and baking all week long, really looking forward to a Mother's Day opening. 

Yes, I was very scared too.  I worried that I would not be able to make enough money to sustain my family.  I could not afford to fail.  Failure would mean a very expensive loss for me, my husband and our five daughters.  But as the date got closer little things began to pop up.  These small things began to become very large things...and I had to make a decision to move forward with a bad choice, or cut my losses and get out while I still could. 

It was a good decision to back out, although it was very disappointing to everyone involved.  It meant some added headaches and expenses for everyone involved.  But if I had moved forward it was becoming very apparent to me that I would fail.  I did not have the mentoring support I thought I did and certainly didn't have enough money to make repairs to nonworking equipment and I would not be able to operate until those items were working.  Every day I postponed opening we would be hemorrhaging money.  I could not do that.

An opening I had been so looking forward to was not going to happen.  I had my first experience with very angry customers who did not care why I was not able to host their parties, had called into question my professionalism and had even gone to my blog and used things I said there against me.  I think the intent was to try to persuade me to change my decision by guilting me into hosting their party, or maybe it was just to embarrass me, I'm not sure, but it surely was not nice.

It has been three days since I made the decision to back out, and like I said on Twitter, sometimes good decisions disappoint, but a bad decision would have hurt people.

Lesson learned!