Thursday, May 20, 2010

postheadericon 1000 cookies, 10 days - DONE!

We did it!  We met the challenge, completed not 1000, but 1002 cookies in 9-1/2 days.  We certainly had our bumps in the road on this journey.  For instance, these were cookies with graphics being printed on edible paper (with edible ink of course) made by a company with the initials of KK.  I have been a customer there since 2008.  But their customer service this last time was the straw that broke our relationship!

I placed a very sizeable order last week for this 1000-cookie order.  The cookie order was due to be delivered today.  I order Wednesday last week expecting my order would ship on Thursday and be delivered on Monday.  On Friday I still had not received my shipping confirmation from KK so I called.  I gave the young lady I spoke with my order number and she said "your order shipped yesterday." 

First of all, I put instructions in the "comment" section when I placed the order that if the order did not go out on Thursday I wanted to pay for 2-day shipping.  I asked the young lady if she would please forward me the tracking number.  An hour later I received the email with the tracking number and it showed my order did not ship until FRIDAY!  And it shipped ground with a delivery date of May 20!  I was very upset.  I called back and spoke to someone else who told me they were very sorry, but they could not help me!  WHAT! 

I tried calling UPS and they told me they had not even picked up the order yet!  WHAT THE HECK!  I called KK back and they said again, sorry, can't help you.  I was furious!  FUR-EEE-US!  I sent them a scathing email telling them I would find my supplies else where and that I would not order from them again!

So, I found Tasty Foto Art, read some positive reviews online and order from them, overnight shipping ta boot.  The cost was cheaper than the order I placed with KK and their lame ground shipping!  Sold on the price...

I received the edible paper sheets and ink cartridges from Tasty Foto Art the very next day as promised.  I was super pleased with their product.  It did not dry out like the other product always did.  It was thinner and had NO TASTE!  We were all amazed by the fact that this product had no taste...none!  So, to shorten a long story...I'm only ordering from Tasty Foto Art from now on!

After that fiasco we got back on track with production of our 1000 cookies.  We set goals on cookies to roll, cookies to bake and cookies to ice on a daily basis. 

Let me introduce you to my team of cookie elves...
  • Gina, my 22-year-old daughter who does it all, mixes dough, rolls dough, cuts cookies, bakes, frosts, bags, tags and bows!
  • Neva, my 20-year-old daughter who rolls and rocks!  She mixed dough and rolled and cut an amazing 300+ cookies in a day! 
  • My sister Tai-Lynne who is the queen of cornering! 
  • My daughters Kiona, Karyn and Kami for all their help bagging and sealing and building bakery boxes!
This was tiring, but a great accomplishment for...