Thursday, April 29, 2010

postheadericon Procrastinating or Postponing?

We (Gina, more than and I) came to the realization that we were no where near ready to open this Saturday.  So the decision was made to postpone opening for 1 week to get better prepared.  This raised the question for me, am I again procrastinating?  Oh yeah, I definitely did way too much procrastination and a lot of overextending myself.  Took on way too many orders for the week before a grand opening, but I kept telling myself I need the customers, and I need the money.  Is taking the time to blog procrastinating?  Naw...right?

So, even though we are not opening this weekend I am still finding myself waking up at 3:30a to toss and turn, stressing over the massive responsibility of taking on a retail bakery.  What the heck was I thinking?!  Do I know what I'm doing?  Nope.  Will I learn?  Maybe.  In time to prevent from going down in a fiery mass?  Maybe not. 

Everyone keeps telling me to follow my dreams...what happnes when dreams turn into nightmares?  Ever have that happen? 

Okay, enough wallowing in stress...let's look at the bright side...this little shop is in a great location.  I have the great privilege of calling Michelle Garcia at Bleeding Heart Bakery my friend.  I try not to bug her with questions too often, but I do always have that well of knowledge to dip into when I really need to (and sometimes when I don't really need to, but just want to).  She sent me an email last night telling me it would all get easier, and I believe her...but WHEN!