Wednesday, April 14, 2010

postheadericon Tail of the Tiger!

As we get closer to the opening of Sugar Beez/Smash Cake I have gotten so busy!  I keep telling everyone that I feel like I'm hanging tight to the tail of a tiger and I having the ride of my life!

We are booking up fast for parties in May.  That's exciting and a little bit daunting too!  Sunday 4/11/10 I worked at Smash Cake to help with 3 parties being held and to get my feet wet.  I got a taste of what I can expect when we are running Smash Cake...and how tired I can expect to be!

The parties were a lot of fun and I learned a lot, like some very creative ways to enterain a group of 21 six- and seven-year-old girls!  Freeze dance worked great! 

Bleeding Heart Bakery provided some delicious pizzas and some totally tasty baked goods!  I could have eaten their apricot bars all day long!  I think right now that is my favorite treat from BHB!  You can bet we will be carrying those at Smash Cake!

We will be hosting a Share Our Strength bake sale at Smash Cake this Saturday, 4/17/10, for the food bloggers and then again on May 1st for our own opening.  I hope you will stop by and say hello!