Tuesday, July 30, 2013

postheadericon What Mom Never Told You About Police Officers

They Love Cookies Too! 

My day job is a police dispatcher (using the term "day job" loosely since I rarely work a day shift, usually overnight shifts).  The officers have become a great fan club of my cookie business.  Despite what the media tries to lead us to believe, cops do not all sit in the donut shop nomming on sweet treats all day.  Most of the officers I know are lean and health conscious.  In fact, the first time I brought cookies in I had to really convince them to try them because sweets and carbs are not in their diets.  After their first taste they all glow about my cookies.  Great way to motivate me when I'm questioning my choice of "dream" jobs.

Yesterday one of them, TJ, even confided in me that when he first saw my cookie he thought to himself it was going to be hard and dry, he was so surprised that it was exactly the opposite.  The icing, because it is royal, was hard, but the cookie was so moist.  Thanks TJ for being so honest with me!

I did these cookies for free to share with the officers I work with.  I do a lot of free cookies.  Drives someone I know to frustration with me, not gonna mention any names, but she is the first child I gave birth to.

In Jon Acuff's book "Quitter" he really excited me with his thoughts on doing things for free.  He said something to the effect of do a project for free if it is something you have not done before.  It gives you the opportunity to practice.  And we all know practice is essential to becoming better at what we do.

Off to go practice some more!  More cookies and a story to share tomorrow!