Friday, July 26, 2013

postheadericon What Experts are Saying about Quitters

A Year of Quitting

What are experts saying about quitters?  Let's see what one has to say...

Jon Acuff, author of the book Quitter is an expert.  He quit 8 jobs in 8 years, which certainly qualifies him as an expert on quitting.  In his book he offers great advice on how to quit your day job for your dream job.  He is now working his dream job with the fabulous Dave Ramsey team, creators of the Total Money Makeover program; a great system on how to become debt free.  

You see, I am a cookie decorator, which is my dream job.  But, I am also a single mother with 5 daughters and so I work as a police dispatcher and a medical editor (day jobs) to pay my bills and feed my family.  Some days I feel I took the left when I should have taken the right fork in the road to my dream job, I'm in nightmare territory now!  Caught on a treadmill to make money, but never really getting any closer to my dream job.
Today is my birthday!  Happy birthday to me!  

For my birthday I have set a goal:  In a year I will be working my dream job to support myself and my family, and not my day job(s). 

Jon Acuff's advice in his book "Quitter", on how to move from your day job to your dream job makes great sense.  I love it when someone can make sense of something that I have heard over and over, but never could "hear" the intended message, very much like the first time I heard Dave Ramsey talk about how to become debt was an ah-ha! moment.  I have decided today is the day to QUIT...
  • ...making excuses.
  • ...procrastinating.
  • ...stop planning and start doing.
  • ...stop telling myself I can't.
Today is the day I get off the treadmill to nowhere and back on the path to my dream job.  Follow me on my journey from day job to dream job as I document the adventure, musings, and discoveries along the way, by subscribing to my blog updates.  

And that, my friends, is what my Year of Quitting is all about.