Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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My goal is to quit!

That just sounds wrong, doesn't it?  Who in their right mind would make quitting their goal?  I've never been accused of being in my right mind anyway, so I guess it's no shock that I would set quitting as my goal. 

I am quitting one thing each day that stands between me and my goal of a full-time cookie business.  Today's focus was to quit being scared.  Lots of times in the past I have been too scared to see the reaction on someone's face to deliver cookies to them.  I have this crazy fear that someone is going to take a look at the cookies and call me a fraud...tell me my cookies are ugly, and they can't believe someone would pay me to make such ugly things.

I have always tried to talk my daughters into making deliveries for me, and then I sit on pins and needles until they tell me they were delivered and the person enjoyed them.

Today, I had a delivery to do.  I was determined to make the delivery myself and fight my irrational fear.  This was a special delivery from Lincolnshire Police Department to Lt Carney of the Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Protection District.  I knew I would catch him at home and with his kids.

My heart was pounding when I got out of the car to make the delivery, but Lt Carney was gracious and personable.  His kids were fun and excited to get cookies, and they loved the cookies.
Peyton, Lt. Carney, Brett
So, thanks to Lt Carney and his kids for helping me take my fear head-on today!  Lt Carney, I hope you continue on the road to health, you have a lot of people on your side!