Sunday, December 15, 2013

postheadericon How Sharing Increased My Productivity

Colleen of Royal Icing Diaries contacted me recently to ask me questions about my photo cookies.  Colleen is new to cookie decorating and lays out all the ugly truth about starting out on the journey to become a great cookie artist on her blog...check it out!  She will show you that cookie decorating may not be for the faint of heart!  And she proves...she has HEART! 

There might be some people out there that would cringe at the idea of sharing information with other cookie decorators.  Not me.  I learned by others sharing with me when I asked questions.  There are decorators out there that do not sell cookies, and they are gracious enough to share with us what they know so that we can better ourselves.  Here are just a few of them show share whether they sell or not. 
I do sell cookies, but that does not stop me from sharing.  I make a pretty decent amount of dough, and money (ha ha ha, couldn't resist the pun) and I see no reason why I should try to keep all the business to myself.  I have seen proof time and again that sharing only brings you more success.  Callye is the perfect example of that.  A couple years ago (I have been following her a long time) she was selling cookies, and some grinch out there turned her in to the health department.  She had to shut down her cookie for profit production.  But she did not give up.  She began doing tutorials and now she is one of THE most well known and successful cookiers.  And I am pretty sure she still does not sell cookies! 

Sharing has increased my productivity because I have had more orders since I began sharing what I know.  Keeping the knowledge to myself would only make me feel anxious trying to protect by spot in the sandbox, when actually the playing field is way to huge for me to worry how many of us play on fact, the more the merrier!  

The cookies above are photo cookies I created for Fado Irish Pub this week.  

Leave a comment below and weigh in on the topic of to share or not to share!