Wednesday, August 21, 2013

postheadericon When Dreams Send You Running For Cover

Why Do I Fear My Dreams?

My dream?  To have my cookie business be the source of my income = my dream job replacing my day job.  

My fear?  
►I'm not talented enough.
►Everyone is going to see I don't know what I'm doing. 
►I won't make enough money to support myself. 
►I'll go out of business.
►I'll embarrass myself and my family. 

I could go on, but then I'd sound crazy...what?  Too late?  

You're right, it is crazy...crazy to let my overinflated fears keep me from success when they are not even true!  Self doubt is just another word for fear.  Fear is not fact, but we listen to it like it is fact, confusing it with the supportive inner voice because it talks louder.  

Fear is all our past experiences, mostly the negative ones, that hurt us in some way.  Our mind, in all its glory, has devised a way to try to protect us from getting hurt or making mistakes again.  It tells us not to do things by saying "remember the last time you tried that?" 

You want to counteract fear.  When it says something negative just say "thank you for your opinion" and keep going.  When you realize fear is stepping in and voicing its opinion, ask yourself why.  Have you done this task before with a bad outcome?  Then stop and think what you can change to get a different outcome.  Use fear to your advantage and start to build your problem-solving skills. 

Remind Yourself

When fear does start whispering in your ear you aren't talented or good enough, prove it wrong.  I recently did cookies for a bride.  When she picked up her cookies she gushed about how happy she was with them.  And then later she text me again to say how happy she was with the cookies.  This helped me to fight my fear and motivated me to keep moving forward to my goal.  

Dream - 1 / Fear - 0