Sunday, August 4, 2013

postheadericon 3 Ways Challenges are Cooler Than Justin Bieber

Seriously, Challenges ARE Cooler Than JB! 

Some challenges are thrown at us and we have no choice but to deal with them.  These are not the challenges I am talking about.  A few weeks ago someone asked me to make cookies for him, BUT with NO icing.  WTH?!

Me:  "Okay, I can do that.  What shape would you like."
Him:  "Oh, anything you'd like to do is fine with me."

So, for days (okay, it was actually weeks) I was constantly thinking about what to do for these cookies.  I'm a cookie decorator...this was like asking an artist to make you a plain canvas, and then charge you for it!  I would stare at my cookie cutters blankly, not even able to grasp the idea of not decorating the resultant cookie.

I procrastinated.  I know...gasp!  Did you know the #1 reason people procrastinate is because we think the task will be harder than it actually turns out to be?  Well, this was actually hard because I could not come up with an idea...I was drawing a blank.

Out of nowhere an idea hit me...color the cookie dough!  I started doing research (aka googling) for ideas for colored cookie dough and pinwheel cookies are what I decided on.  I really enjoyed making these cookies.  I got my 13-year-old daughter involved by having her weigh out the 5 colors of dough and rolling them into small balls.  I then put the 5 colored balls together and rolled them out into long ropes to make the pinwheels.  What a time-saver she turned out to be!  We whipped these cookies out in no time!

The recipient of the cookies loved them.  Everyone who saw them was impressed, which made me feel great.  Who does not love it when people ooohhh and ahhhh over your work?

What I learned from this experience  

Allow yourself to sit with a challenge and think.  Do not pressure yourself.  Sometimes procrastinating is actually part of the work-in-progress process!  Just do not give up on the challenge, keep working it.  Have confidence in yourself, you will conquer this challenge!  Do not doubt your ability to think outside the box.  It can be learned for those of us who do not naturally think that way.

What's The Biebs Got To Do With It?

Justin Bieber challenges me to be tolerant of celebrity antics that only confirm that fame is not for the immature.  Cookie challenges are much cooler, they 

  1. Exercises Your Problem-Solving Muscles,
  2. Build Confidence, And
  3. Grow Your Skills.

I'd love to hear how you have grown from a challenge...I know we all have experiences to share!