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Bunco Cookies

I had no idea what bunco was.  When I was asked to do cookies for a bunco party I decided to read up on the game.  Bunco is a dice game.  There are typically 6 rounds, 1-6.  Each player rolls the 3 dice with the goal being to get as many of the 3 dice to match the number of the round.  For instance, if you were playing round 3, you would try to roll 3s on each dice.  You get a point for each dice that matches the round, and 21 points if all 3 match the round.  The player with the most points wins.  Seemed pretty simple to understand.

What was interesting about the game was its origins.  It was originally a confidence game similar to Three Card Monte, in England in the 19th century, a swindler's game.  It made its way to gambling parlors in San Francisco in the 1850s which came to be known as "Bunco Parlors."  In the 1920s during prohibition, Bunco became associated with Speakeasies.  The Speakeasies were frequently raided by police who came to be called "Bunco squads." 

It became popular as a family game in the 1980s.  Checkered past I must say! 

Decorating The Cookie

I started with my iced cookie.  

I had cut out a template onto a piece of 4x6 photo paper.  Why photo paper?  It is sturdy and resists the oils that are usually soaked up by regular paper templates.  I used straight pins to secure the template to the cookie.  I also placed the pins at points in the template where I would need to connect lines as a guide for later. 

I traced the template onto the cookie with an extra fine Wilton FoodWriter.  Here you can see where I poked holes with the straight pins as a guide for lines. 

Using the extra fine FoodWriter I connected the holes to make the dice outlines. 

I piped over the traced lines with a 1.5 tip and piping consistency black royal icing.  I then flooded the dice with white icing.  I recently started using white food color when making white icing.  I had not realized how off white royal icing is until I started using white food color.

Letters were also piped with a 1.5 tip and piping consistency black RI.

 The letters on the dice were piped with a 1.5 tip and piping consistency Electric Pink royal icing.  Dots added with 1.5 tip and black piping consistency icing.

I hear these were quite the hit at Bunco.  Bring these to your next Bunco party and be a winner!
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