Thursday, March 29, 2012

postheadericon Baby Buggy Cookie

I had a request for baby carriage cookies.  I have done some in the past, you can see them on my website.  I wanted to do something different and I came across a baby carriage on a site and I used it as my inspiration for this cookie.

I added the ruffles with a 101 tip (boy, my hand hurts from squeezing that extra stiff icing).  I learned to put less in the piping bag so I didn't have to squeeze so hard.

Also, a trick I used starting with these cookies that I learned from Lisa The Bearfoot Baker is o use a fondant smoother (click here) to smooth the cookies flat when they came out of the oven.  This gave them a very flat surface to lay my base icing down and really helped to add a professional look to the finished cookie.

Thanks for letting me share!