Sunday, June 7, 2009

What the heck do I do with this?!

I'm not a cake artist. I rarely do cakes, but I love to lurk on several cake art message boards and wistfully look through all the posts and their pictures. Once in a while I will see something that I think I can duplicate on a cookie and so I will hunt down the tool that was used, such as a gumpaste cutter, patchwork cutter, etc. Then off to my favorite cake art supply website to order the newly discovered tool.

A few days later the package will arrive and I gleefully rip it open to find the tool and nothing instructions, no pictures, no clue! GGGrrrr! After the package arrives (and I've stopped throwing a tantrum over the lack of instructions) I search and search the web for tutorials. Sometimes I find them, lots of times I don't. The next few days (okay, weeks) are spent dedicating an hour or 2 (okay my 4 or 5) to figuring out the tool.

One day it occurred to me…maybe I’m not the only one struggling to learn these tools? And frustrated by the lack of tutorials on the web. Here’s an idea…why don’t I detail my efforts to learn these tools and create a tutorial and voila! my blog was transformed from my mindless blogging to blogging with a purpose! Yay! I love having a purpose, makes me feel so useful!

Beginning next week I will post my first tutorial on a tool. The tool I have decided to do first is the pasta machine. I bought one of these to use with fondant and man, did it take me some time to figure out how to keep the fondant from sticking, and even what I needed to do to the fondant before putting it through the machine.

So keep checking back! If you have suggestions for a tool you would like to see featured, or even a technique, please e-mail me and let me know –

Sweet Wishes from Tracy @ Sugar Beez